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4.5 Billion Annual Journeys on Buses

84% of Bus Passengers Take Action

54% of 15-34's see Bus Advertising Every Week

Bus Advertising Reaches 48 Million Adults Every Two Weeks

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Bus Supersides

Have you ever considered bus advertising as a viable option for your business or organisation in Southampton?

One part of a bus that is particularly impactful, is the supersides which can be transformed into a magical campaign.

Bus supersides are giant billboards that are attached to the side of a bus. What starts as a blank canvas, can be specially designed to incorporate your branding, messaging or product range before being amplified to the general public on the bus routes of Southampton.

Bus Rear Advertising

The rear of a bus also provides an excellent viewing point for passersby. Being a rather large space to cover, you can get a lot of wording, imagery or both on there to capture the attention of people.

What’s more is the bus routes on Southampton are always busy so there are always lots of pairs of eyes in the vicinity.

Work with our team to design a custom bus rear campaign or produce the artwork yourself, it’s no problem at all, we will ensure it looks great on the bus and is seen by thousands. 

Bus Wrap Advertising

From certain parts of the bus to the entire thing covered in your advertising, you may wish to look at bus wrapping too. This process involves adding vinyl graphics or decals to the whole bus and is pretty much the same concept as car wraps.

The design can be as eccentric, detailed or eye catching as you wish. After all, you are trying to capture the attention of the Southampton general public. Contact us for more information regarding bus wrap advertising!

Bus Stop Advertising Southampton

Don’t just look at the actual buses as advertising opportunities because you can utilise bus stops too!

Combining mobile marketing with static posters, graphics or branding can make a powerful campaign.

At a bus stop you’ve got walls, a roof, glass panels, digital boards and more to work with. Speak to our team in Southampton for more information on this.

Bus Advertising Southampton - FAQs

Bus advertising refers to the placement of advertisements on Southampton promote products, services, or brands. It is an effective marketing strategy that utilises the visibility and reach of buses to capture the attention of a diverse audience.

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