Bus Advertising Formats

Bus Superside

This format is specifically tailored to face the pavement and is strategically placed at a higher position on the bus, ensuring excellent visibility.

Supersides offer exceptional and sought-after broadcast coverage, making them particularly advantageous in retail settings.

Bus T-Side

T-Sides possess a commanding presence, providing brands with maximum visibility that surpasses any surrounding visual distractions.

These advertising formats offer an impressive extent of broadcast coverage, effectively reaching both vehicular and pedestrian audiences in a balanced split of 45% and 55%, respectively.

Bus Mega T-Side

Mega T-Sides offer a significantly larger creative space compared to the standard T-side, particularly when utilised in a landscape orientation.

This format is accessible in 11 prominent city centre locations, providing exclusive ownership to a single advertiser and ensuring 100% share of voice.

Wrapped Bus

Bus wraps are an unmissable format that is highly advantageous for both brand and product launches.

This attention-grabbing advertising method effectively captures attention and ensures that brands and products stand out in a crowded market.

Bus Rear

Bus rears provide advertisers with extensive coverage at a cost-effective rate. This format allows for localised advertising on a national scale, reaching areas that may not have other outdoor advertising options available.

By utilising bus rears, advertisers can effectively deliver their messages to a wide audience, expanding their brand's presence in areas that may have limited advertising opportunities.

Bus Mega Rear

When aiming to reach audiences inside vehicles, advertising on the rear of a single or double-decker bus proves to be an ideal and impactful large-format solution.

This format effectively captures attention and leaves a lasting impression, particularly in urban areas such as cities and town centres, where it boasts a strong presence and is known for its exceptional memorability.

Bus Streetliner

Streetliners are exclusively found on single-decker buses, primarily serving the outskirts of London.

Streetliners are an excellent choice for achieving a well-rounded national coverage, especially when targeting a combination of urban and suburban areas is essential.

Digital Bus Stops & Shelters

Digital bus stops and shelters use LED screens to display dynamic, high resolution images and videos. These digital displays can be used to deliver targeted messages to commuters waiting for their bus or promote products and services to pedestrians passing by.

Digital bus stop adverts can be programmatically purchased, and they utilize dynamic targeting capabilities such as custom data sets, weather, and time of day to deliver relevant and timely messages to their target audience.

Bus Stops & Shelters

Bus stop advertising, also known as 6-sheets or adshels, measure 47 inches wide by 71 inches high and are typically located at bus stops and other public transportation locations. They are popular for their affordability and ability to reach a captive audience.

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