Bus Mega Rear Advertising

What is Bus Rear Advertising?

Bus rear advertising, also known as bus mega rear panel advertising, refers to a specific type of advertising strategy that involves placing large-scale advertisements on the rear panels of buses.

In this form of advertising, the entire rear portion of a bus is utilised as a canvas for displaying promotional messages, brand logos, or creative visuals.

Bus Rear Advertising (Key Benefits)

Bus rear advertising is highly effective in urban environments where buses have a significant presence and travel along busy routes.

It capitalises on the prolonged exposure time that rear advertisements receive from motorists, pedestrians, and other vehicles that follow behind the bus in traffic.

Some potential benefits of bus mega rear advertising include:

Wide Reach and Visibility

Buses typically cover extensive routes and operate in densely populated areas, providing a large audience reach for the displayed advertisements.

This form of advertising ensures that the message reaches a broad and diverse range of people, increasing brand exposure.

High Frequency and Repetition

Rear advertisements on buses benefit from the repeated exposure they receive during the entire journey of the bus.

As buses travel along their designated routes, they pass through various neighborhoods, commercial districts, and busy intersections, allowing the advertisement to be seen by the same people multiple times, reinforcing brand recognition.


Compared to other outdoor advertising options such as billboards or digital displays, bus mega rear advertising can be a relatively cost-effective method for reaching a wide audience.

It provides a larger canvas for creative and attention-grabbing visuals while being potentially more affordable than some other forms of outdoor advertising.

Bus Rear Advertising - FAQs

The size of the advertising space on the rear of a bus can vary, but it is typically a large and prominent area. Dimensions may range from several square feet to cover the entire rear surface. Speak with our highly-experienced team at Bus Media today to find out more and discuss your bespoke requirements.

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