Bus Shelter Advertising

Looking for bus shelter advertising in the UK? Advertise on bus shelters with Bus Media, a key part of any OOH advertising campaign.

Bus shelter advertising can generate up to 400,000 impressions per week

Bus shelter advertising can boost purchase intent by as much as 107%

Over 80% of consumers recall bus shelter advertisements

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Bus Shelter Advertising

Welcome to Bus Media, where we help your brand take centre stage in high-traffic urban and suburban locations with bus shelter advertising. Leverage the power of public transportation spaces to captivate your audience and boost brand visibility. Our comprehensive bus shelter advertising services are designed to provide you with a dynamic platform to showcase your products, services, or brand messages.

Local Bus Shelter Advertising

Local bus shelter advertising is a powerful and targeted strategy for businesses, provided by Bus Media, which helps you connect with your local community and ideal target audience.

Placing strategically in high-traffic areas, these advertisements gain impressive visibility, with potential exposure reaching up to 400,000 impressions per week, depending on the size of your town or city.

This localised approach ensures that your business can effectively engage with your specific demographic, as over 80% of residents recall bus shelter advertisements.

Nationwide Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Media also provide nationwide bus shelter advertising. If you're looking to take your brand nationwide and advertising in hotspots of various towns and cities, this option is for you.

By strategically placing ads in high-traffic urban and suburban areas, this approach ensures a broad reach, with an estimated 70% of city residents and 50% of suburban residents regularly exposed to bus shelter ads.

The diverse demographics encountered at bus shelters contribute to a comprehensive audience engagement strategy, creating a strong visual impact that can leave a lasting impression on consumers throughout the country.

Reach Your Ideal Customers

If you're seeking to get in front of your ideal customers, bus shelter advertising is an effective way to do that. When strategically planned with an outdoor advertising company like Bus Media, you can reach your ideal audience at a mass scale.

Our highly-experienced team can help you to select bus shelter(s) in your area where your ideal audience is likely to visit frequently.

Bus Media will help you to consider your specific demographics, such as age, interests, and lifestyles, to identify locations that align with your target market.

Bus Shelter Advertising - FAQs

The cost of bus shelter advertising can vary based on several factors, including location, campaign duration, and the size of the ad space. On average, prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month per bus shelter. Local factors, such as the city's size and population density, can also influence pricing. To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific needs, it is recommended to contact Bus Media directly to discuss your bespoke requirements before receiving a bespoke quotation.

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