Popular Cities and Towns for Bus Advertising

Popular Cities and Towns for Bus Advertising

Whilst digital forms of marketing hold significant power in today’s world, there’s still a purpose for more traditional ways of marketing. Somewhere in the middle however, is bus advertising which is why it is so popular because you can incorporate modern technology alongside offline posters, billboards, and the like.

As a brand you want to be able to market competitively, reach new audiences and increase brand visibility and loyalty. Whether it’s bustling through busy city centres or whizzing around local neighbourhoods, buses provide the perfect opportunity to significantly increase brand awareness.

In this blog, we will explore everything related to bus advertising and location. For example, where should you place your bus advertising? What is the best location for you?

Bus Media offer bus advertising all over the UK but some places may be way more beneficial for you. 

Key locations where we’ve assisted with effective bus advertising campaigns include:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Reading
  • Sheffield
  • Nottingham
  • Milton Keynes

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Bus Advertising London

The Capital of England… What better place to advertise on buses? With a large and diverse population of over 9 million people, there are countless bus routes that these people will use on a daily basis. London buses are worldwide famous so if you choose to advertise on these, you are guaranteed to get the reach and attention you desire. London will have work commuters, tourists, locals exploring the city every minute of the day so there's a constant influx of opportunity available to you.

Bus Advertising Manchester

Manchester exudes positive and vibrant energy and is the one of the beating hearts of the North West. With a population approaching 3 million in the Greater Manchester area, the city boasts a thriving cultural scene and a strong sense of community. From the bustling streets of the Northern Quarter to the commercial hub of Spinningfields, buses serve as effective methods for businesses to connect with locals from all walks of life. There are also lots of big events in Manchester such as football matches, Manchester Pride, Manchester Marathon, festivals and more to catch people’s attention from the buses.

Bus Advertising Liverpool

Another powerhouse of the North West, Liverpool has a rough population of about 1.5 million people and it attracts visitors and tourists from everywhere. It’s a joyful city full of culture and heritage and the bus routes are always busy. As Liverpool is famous for music, arts, sports and more, your bus advertising can align to the city’s identity to ensure full impact. If your business or organisation fits this mould then Liverpool could be a dazzling opportunity for bus advertising.

Bus Advertising Reading

From major UK cities to Reading, there is a place for bus advertising at all of them. Reading is a hub for business and transport meaning there’s plenty of people using the bus routes. The population is around 300,00 and you will find large company offices there who don’t want to be in London itself. From the bustling streets of the town centre to the corporate parks housing these multinational companies, buses serve as effective mediums for businesses to reach professionals and residents alike. Reading Festival also attracts lots of people each year which you will see on the buses advertised, proving this method works in small towns. 

Bus Advertising Sheffield

Known as the Steel City, Sheffield has undergone remarkable changes in recent times to accommodate more business, more footfall and more visitors. With a population exceeding 700,000 in the wider metropolitan area, the city offers a diverse audience for bus advertising campaigns. Sheffield has multiple university campuses where students use the buses on top of the football traffic and general workers or locals. Though not as big as Manchester or Liverpool, Sheffield is still vastly and densely populated which could be good value for money in terms of bus advertising.

Bus Advertising Nottingham

Now we’re off to the East Midlands to consider Nottingham as a bus advertising opportunity. With a population approaching 800,000 in the wider Nottingham area, the city serves as a cultural and economic hub for the region. From the historic charm of Nottingham Castle to the bustling streets of Hockley, buses navigate through the city all day and night. Two big universities are in Nottingham making it a hot spot for students who use buses, as well as the local people who also make use of them. There’s a wide variety of options in terms of advertising and a large community to sell to essentially. Definitely consider Nottingham as a viable option for your next campaign. 

Bus Advertising Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes gets a shoutout in this blog because it’s been an up and coming place for a while now with an ever growing population exceeding 250,000 and counting. It’s got a large shopping centre, lots of business action and more making it a great place to advertise on buses. What’s more, is that Milton Keynes is a strategic location between London and Birmingham, so the town serves as a key transportation hub. The bus routes and connections from Milton Keynes means you have an abundance of choice with your bus advertising so it’s an interesting option to consider.

Where is The Best Location For Bus Advertising?

Every business and organisation is different and unique in their own way so you need to consider your needs and requirements to guide you on what location would be good to go with. From the bustling streets of London to the vibrant communities of Manchester and Liverpool, buses serve as mobile billboards, ensuring brand messages reach diverse audiences. Take the time to analyse the nuances of each location and see what fits best. Constraints such as budget, timing and demographics will play a role in choosing too. Bus Medi can assist with bus advertising across the UK, including all areas mentioned in this blog, as well as  Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds and many more.

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