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4.5 Billion Annual Journeys on Buses

84% of Bus Passengers Take Action

54% of 15-34's see Bus Advertising Every Week

Bus Advertising Reaches 48 Million Adults Every Two Weeks

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Bus Supersides

Get imaginative with your marketing strategy in 2024 by tapping into the potential of bus supersides. These colossal displays positioned on the sides of buses effortlessly capture the attention of passersby. It's a well-established fact that attention sparks curiosity, translating into inquiries and increased sales.

Bus supersides consist of expansive panels affixed to the sides of buses, providing advertisers with a prime canvas to promote new deals, convey messages, or showcase fresh product lines. Whatever your advertising needs may be, bus supersides offer tremendous possibilities.

Bus Rear Advertising

As an expansive canvas on a bus, the rear or back-end is frequently harnessed for marketing initiatives. Positioned strategically in high-traffic zones, this space ensures visibility for both trailing vehicles and pedestrians navigating city streets.

The advertisement gracefully extends from the back of the bus, utilising the entire surface for brand logos, promotional messages, or any content that aligns with your business objectives.

Bus Wrap Advertising

Opt for bus wrap advertising to remarkably alter the visual identity of a bus by featuring your advertising prominently. Similar to car wraps, this technique involves using vinyl graphics and decals to envelop the entire bus with your marketing content.

The possibilities are vast, allowing you to craft a visually striking appearance that is sure to capture the attention of the urban public—your target market.

Bus Stop Advertising Nottingham

Bus stops serve as ideal locations to promote your business or organization. With individuals frequently waiting for their buses, their attention naturally gravitates towards the surrounding environment. Taking advantage of this, we strategically position posters, digital screens, wraps, stickers, and various other advertising elements in different sections of a bus stop.

Explore the opportunity to have your advertisements featured on walls, roofs, glass panels, benches, bus shelters, and more throughout Nottingham today!

Bus Advertising Nottingham - FAQs

Bus advertising refers to the placement of advertisements on Nottingham promote products, services, or brands. It is an effective marketing strategy that utilises the visibility and reach of buses to capture the attention of a diverse audience.

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