Bus Wraps vs Bus Supersides

Bus Wraps vs Bus Supersides - Which Is Most Suitable For My Campaign?

If you’re looking for a unique way to advertise your business, products or services then bus advertising could be the way forward. In a world where standing out can be difficult, it’s important to try and test out a plethora of marketing methods.

Bus marketing in general is something that is becoming increasingly popular and there are a number of different formats / styles to choose from with the expertise of Bus Media!

Bus advertising gives your business and key marketing messages the opportunity of reaching thousands of people as a result of the strategic placement of logos, graphics, posters and designs on a moving bus.

Two types of bus advertising methods that are particularly effective are bus wraps and bus supersides

In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of each and explore where they would be most suitable for your potential campaign.

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The Power Of Bus Wraps & Key Benefits

Bus wrap advertising is one of the most popular styles in today’s market to take advantage of the full bus to showcase key brand messages and promotions. A bus wrap is similar to a car wrap whereby an entire vehicle is covered in a vinyl wrap to add a specific look, aesthetic or design. Bus wraps will be your advertising, effectively turning it into a moving billboard. 

This method provides advertisers with a massive canvas to unleash their creativity and captivate audiences with eye-catching visuals and compelling messages. 

Below are some benefits to bus wraps:

Maximum Visibility

With bus wrap advertising, you maximise the amount of eyes on the bus by covering every inch of it with your branding or message. Buses cover a lot of ground on a daily basis so whether it’s driving through a busy centre, cruising up a dual carriageway, parked up, or stuck in traffic, the advertising will be actively working for you. Essentially, you benefit from 360 degree exposure.

Brand Recognition

With buses driving various bus routes repeatedly and people often doing similar patterns of movement on a weekly basis, they’re likely to see your advertising frequently. Commuters, pedestrians, and motorists will get a reinforced brand message with every sighting. Moreover, potential customers are likely to associate you first subliminally when they’re looking for what you offer.

Mobile Advertising

There’s a unique opportunity with bus wraps because the nature of buses is that they are always moving so your advertising is essentially constantly on-the-go. This is different to billboards and posters that require people to walk physically past them as they’re always in the same space. Mobile advertising allows you to reach a range of audiences and demographics.

Where Are Bus Wraps Most Effective?

Bus wraps excel in scenarios where maximum exposure and brand visibility are paramount. They're ideal for large-scale campaigns aimed at saturating urban areas and reaching diverse demographics.

Major UK cities with high foot traffic and bustling streets offer prime opportunities for bus wrap advertising to shine. Big events, festivals, parades or shopping locations are also ideal placemats for bus wrap campaigns.

The Power Of Bus Supersides & Key Benefits

Bus supersides are large banners or panels placed on the long sides of buses which can be used for your design, message or adverts. Although supersedes use less area of the bus to advertise, they are still super attention-grabbing.This targeted placement allows for focused messaging and strategic placement in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Below are some more specific benefits to bus superside advertising:

Strategic Placement

By choosing a particular side of a bus, and proceeding with bus supersedes, you are engaging with strategic placement. Usually people who are walking on pavements in busy areas will cast their eyes upon your superside advertising. You can discuss strategic placement in further detail with our experts at Bus Media.


By focusing on a specific area of the bus, you can optimise your marketing budget and achieve significant reach within your target market. This makes supersides particularly appealing for small to medium sized businesses looking to maximise their advertising return on investment. Chat to our expert team at Bus Media to get a price for your organisation.


Bus supersides are highly versatile because it’s basically a blank canvas that you can design in the exact way you want. Due to the cost-effectiveness, you may wish to combine bus supersides with interior bus ads or digital boards at bus stops too thus creating a diverse portfolio of bus marketing and covering more bases. 

Where Are Bus Supersides More Effective?

Bus supersides are perfect in certain situations and for particular campaigns that are aimed at demographic or geographic areas. They do really well in busy city centres and areas of high pedestrian traffic.

Some examples where they’ve worked great for our clients include luring people into scanning a QR code for a discount, promoting films and events, showcasing new products and so much more as well.

Choosing the Most Effective Option for Your Campaign

Both bus wraps and bus supersides can be highly effective in being part of a successful marketing campaign. Consider your marketing objectives, target audience, budget constraints and other metrics too. If your goal is to maximise brand visibility and reach a broad audience, bus wraps offer an unparalleled platform for showcasing your brand on a massive scale.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a cost-effective solution with targeted messaging and strategic placement, bus supersides provide a compelling alternative. Ultimately the choice is yours and we’d be delighted to show you some case studies of both from previous customers to give you some inspiration!

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