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4.5 Billion Annual Journeys on Buses

84% of Bus Passengers Take Action

54% of 15-34's see Bus Advertising Every Week

Bus Advertising Reaches 48 Million Adults Every Two Weeks

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Bus Supersides

Utilising bus supersides for advertising offers an excellent opportunity to promote your business, organisation, or message using ample space. If you've observed buses in and around York adorned with exterior advertising, you've encountered bus supersides.

These supersides are particularly impactful in densely populated and bustling areas like Preston.

When large sections of a bus are adorned with vibrant colours, compelling words, and striking images, it's hard to overlook their presence.

Bus Rear Advertising

Advertising on the rear of a bus presents a valuable opportunity. With ample space to convey a powerful message and high visibility to reach a wide audience, it's an effective marketing tool.

You can tailor your bus rear advertising precisely to your preferences, offering abundant opportunities for creativity.

In Preston, the multitude of bus routes operating at various times throughout the day enhances the advertising potential. Your content will traverse numerous miles, ensuring exposure to a diverse audience.

Bus Wrap Advertising

Bus wrap advertising in your customised designs and content is another method of marketing a bus too. Bus wrap advertising is where we apply vinyl graphics or decals, covering the entire bus. This makes for a pretty striking opportunity that will get you noticed.

One of the best things about bus wrap advertising is the scope in terms of creativity with it. You have the entire exterior of the bus to play with and you can specifically design certain areas in particular ways to make the most of the opportunity.

Bus Stop Advertising Preston

Another aspect to contemplate is bus stop advertising, which can complement other bus advertising methods. In Preston, you have the opportunity to place posters, graphics, screens, and more on various surfaces of a bus stop, including the roof, walls, glass panels, and benches.

This approach frequently captivates the attention of individuals who are waiting for the bus, providing them with something engaging to observe. It offers a distinctive avenue for conveying your marketing message, and we strongly endorse its effectiveness.

Bus Advertising Preston - FAQs

Bus advertising refers to the placement of advertisements on Preston promote products, services, or brands. It is an effective marketing strategy that utilises the visibility and reach of buses to capture the attention of a diverse audience.

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